Biblical Principles of Faith

Biblical Principles for Better Relationships

As Christians we are called to love one another which means we need Biblical Principles for Better Relationships.  

The relationships that we have in our life can be wonderful and painful.  In fact, some probably are wonderful and others may be the cause of our greatest pain. It is our early years in life and those relationships that begin to form how to define love.  This definition is not in the conscious mind but the subconscious mind, the inmost place as David wrote about in Psalm 51.  Love is defined for us by those early relationships.  We define love by the way those people acted toward us.  Then, once love has been defined, we learn to love ourselves that way, others, and even God.  And we are attracted to people, both romantically and in friendship, that love in a way that aligns with our definition.  We even put God into this same category of loving according to our definition.  These blogs are intended to help you know and understand what real love is according to God’s Word and how you may have defined love differently and how they may be affecting your relationships.

These Biblical Principles for Better Relationships can turn around families, marriages, and friendship.  As a counselor, I have taught these to many and I have seen marriages on the verge of divorce restored.  I have seen couples who have yelled and screamed at one another with great intensity in my office on our first visit to teaching other couples what they have learned from Scripture.  These truly are Biblical Principles for Better Relationships.

Live Blessed and Be a Blessing!

Pastor Lee

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