Biblical Principles of Faith

Daily Devotions and Scripture


I have received messages asking for daily devotions and prayer again.  I believe in the power of Scripture.  The Bible teaches us that Scripture is the breath of God.  We also know from Scripture that the word used for breath is also used for spirit.  When we meditate, read, and study the Word of God, we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit of God.  The Holy Spirit is our Truth-teller to help us discern the issues of life.  He is our Convicter to help us move away from destructive sinful behavior.  He is our Transformer changing us from the inside out to be more like Christ.  He is our peace and Shalom.  He is our healer for the pain life has inflicted.

Jesus taught us to ask for our Daily Bread.  He was referencing manna from the Old Testament where the Lord was teaching them that they need to be nourished day by day.  The same is true for our spirit.  We need to be nourished by the Word and the Spirit day by day.  What we received yesterday, last week, or last Sunday is not enough.

I am beginning again to write daily devotions to give you a resource for daily bread right in your email.  Sign up below to start receiving these.

Live Blessed and Be a Blessing!

Pastor Lee