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How Important is the Word of God?


How Important is the Word of God?

He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  He is the Creator of everything, seen and unseen.  He is above us, pure, holy, majestic.  He tells the sun when to shine and the moon.  He restricts the ocean waves and limits their path.  He is the ultimate being with no rival, nothing even close.  But is there something that has been exalted above Him?  The Psalmist says, ‘yes,’ there is something exalted even above the name of God.  And this brings us to our Verse of the Day:


I will bow down toward your holy temple
and will praise your name
for your unfailing love and your faithfulness,
for you have so exalted your solemn decree
that it surpasses your fame.
Psalms 138:2 (NIV)


In the King James Version, the word here for ‘fame’ is translated into ‘Name.’  The psalmist, David, is declaring the solemn decree, the Word, the promise of God surpasses even the reputation of God.  How is this possible?

First, it must be said that David was fully aware of the reputation, the presence, and the glory of God.  He had seen it in battle time and again with the Presence of God hovering above the Ark of the Covenant.  So impressive was the presence of God that after it had been taken by the enemy and returned back to Israel, David celebrated and danced so mightily that his clothes fell and he didn’t even notice.  And yet, this same David, who knew the glory of God perhaps better than we, says that God’s Word, His promises exceed the glory of the Almighty.  How can this be?

The glory of God comes to us with great miracles and wonders.  They come at the right time, in the right moment, but the glory of God is not revealed in a constant way.  Usually, the glory is momentarily seen.  It’s in a flurry of flames, then it is gone, but His promises are ever-present.  His Word remains in every moment.  Regardless of the confusion, chaos, or pain in the moment, His Word is readily activated.  His promises are yes and amen in Jesus.

Abiding in the promises of God is a bit more mundane perhaps.  No flash of lightning, no scalding from fire burning down from Heaven.  It is ordinary, common, in the moment without any flash, yet filled with the very same power.


The Promises of God are ever-present and readily available

What does this say to you today?  We often spend so much of our time praying for the power wrapped up in the fame of our God but we neglect to walk in His promises.  His promises are conditional.  In every moment, His promise calls for a response, a way of reaction to what is before us and if we follow this calling, His power is released from Heaven, not through a conjured hand with no body writing on a wall, but through our simple actions, quiet spirit, and easy words made possible through the flowing of God’s power through our body, mind, and emotions.

It almost seems too simply, too easy, but in the ease of it all is to the glory of God.  We don’t have to wait for supernatural miracles.  We are filled with supernatural power to change hearts, move mountains, undo the past, and forge the future.  He is the Alpha and Omega and He is the extraordinary released through the ordinary.

Like the Ark, made of earthly wood, covered in gold from the dirt, yet brilliant in power so we too, cut from the dirt shine bright the wondrous power of God simply by following His Word and trusting His promises.  To God be the glory!

Leave me a comment.  Do you spend enough time in the Word of God?  Why or why not?

Live Blessed and Be a Blessing!

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