10 Steps to Living in the Abundant Plan God Has For You – FREE DOWNLOAD

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God has a plan for everyone, but finding that plan is not easy.  It is revealed to us through Biblical principles.  Pastor Lee teaches 10 essential principles to live the abundant life God desires for you.

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10 Steps to Living in the Abundance of God’s Plan for Your Life

The Christian life should be full of peace, joy, great relationships. Christ came to give us abundant lives, but few Christians ever experience this life.  Please download my gift to you and start living in the good, pleasing, and perfect plan that God has for you and your family

My greatest desire is to see people live in the fullness of God’s plan for their life.  This is why I am giving this away.  This is a FREE gift that I hope you will read and I pray that it helps you move into a new season of great blessings! – Pastor Lee


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