Pastor Lee’s Books and Workbooks

With All Your Heart


With All Your Heart takes readers through Biblical principles that are simply life-changing. It is taking the Scripture and applying it at a level that changes your future. So many of us go through the same negative patterns. It may be different people, different places, different things, but it’s the same pattern. It’s like going round and round in the desert like the Israelites did. But God has promised to give us a straight path to our blessings rather than staying in the negative patterns. If you are sick and tired of going round and round and you want a straight path to your blessing, you need this book.

Prepare For Greater Things

Why did God let this happen? What is God’s will for me? Has God forgotten me? Have I messed up everything beyond repair? If you are asking yourself these questions, it is time to “prepare for greater things.” This book will give you insight into God’s desire for your life and how He will each moment, each blessing, and each heart-wrenching moment to accomplish His good will in your life. But we must understand how He is using each moment. Without this understanding, it is easy to step off the right path. It is easy to get lost in the pain of broken dreams. The good news is that the Holy Spirit teaches through the Word of God how to complete the journey and arrive at His plan for our happiness.

Breaking Free From the Past

Pain is inevitable. Some pain, however, is so deep that it changes who we are even from a young age. Deep wounds can change the way we see the world around us, the way we interact with others, and the way we feel about ourselves. The effect of deep wounds can be seen in through patterns of behavior. Patterns of perfectionism, insecurity, rage, promiscuity, addictions, and more all point to deep pain in the past. The old saying that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me is absolutely false. Words pierce the spirit and cripple the emotions. Sticks and stones do still hurt. The pain of physical beatings, sexual molestation, and rape does not just go away one day. Our mistakes, the way we have hurt others and how they have hurt us change the way our mind perceives and responds to almost everything. The wounds from the past can control and stifle our future. The Good News is that we have been given power from the Lord to break free. Like a prisoner designing a plan of escape, the Lord has mapped out our freedom through the Biblical principles laid out in Breaking Free From Your Past.

Fighting To Win

Fighting to Win is the personal workbook from my marriage seminar called “Fighting to Win.”  No, this is not how to win every argument.  It is about learning how to fight and argue in a way that your marriage wins.  It is turning battles into bliss.  There are many Biblical principles contained within along with space to do some personal introspection to help you grow spiritually and help you to respond to these incredibly tense moments in a way that draws your hearts tighter together.

Download the Workbook and print out two copies or just one if your spouse doesn’t want to do it.  If you follow these principles, it will make a world of difference even if they don’t.  Read through the principles and then take time to write down your thoughts in each section.  Answer each question thoughtfully and thoroughly.  Don’t rush through this.  It is an exercise in deep thought and applying Biblical principles.  Fighting to Win will teach you how to use the worst moments in your marriage the turning point for a life-long love affair.

The Fighting to Win Workbook goes through four different sections.

  1. What Could it Be?  This section looks at God’s purpose and potential for marriage and what it really could be.
  2. What Goes Wrong?  Here, we will look at the basic issues that are at the root of fights and arguments.
  3. Why the Outbursts?  Understanding why we have these emotional outbursts of anger, sadness, and rage with someone we love.
  4. Turning Battles to Bliss. These are the Biblical principles and communication techniques that will radically change your marriage.

But it.  It comes in PDF format.  Print it.  Pray.  Then start fighting to win in your marriage.