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Compassion for Seniors

Compassionate Services to Senior Church Family Members

Guest Article from Kristen Louis of ParentingWithKris.com

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We’re taught to honor and cherish our senior family members. So when it comes to your church family, it makes sense to want to focus on helping senior members stay connected and healthy. After all, churches can play such an integral role in enriching the lives of seniors in their communities. With this in mind, here are some FAQs and resources from Pastor Lee to help you better serve and assist the older members of your church family.


How Can We Keep Seniors Connected to Our Church?

Church services can benefit seniors in so many ways, aside from nourishing their souls. Still, mobility issues and health concerns can make getting to church a challenge.



How Can We Help Our Senior Church Members at Home?

Compassion for your older church community members shouldn’t stop at the door of your church. Most seniors can benefit from having some extra help around their homes.



Spiritual well-being can be so crucial for aging adults. Of course, so can nutrition, mental health and quality of life. So make sure your church family has the tools needed to address these areas of concern for your senior family members, so you can continue supporting them.


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