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James 4:10

God Will Lift You Up

James 4:10
10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. (NIV)

Sin is the impetus of pride. Sin is the pridefulness of man leading him to convince himself that he knows better than God how to create the best life. When God says that life will be better if he turns to the left, man’s pride pushes him to the right in order to prove that he knows more than God. This is something we all do. Pride is not something that only the most arrogant have. It is in us all. When we know what God says, but choose differently, we elevate ourselves to god status. Our pride sends the message that we know better than God or even if we are wrong, we refuse to honor God as God.

Pride opposes God and God opposes the proud. He will humble the prideful. How quickly He is proved right when the prideful fall hard from their own arrogant constructs.

We must humble ourselves. This is a better way than God crushing us in our pride. It is better to remind ourselves that we don’t know what it takes to live our best life. We don’t have the wisdom to navigate the temptations that lead us astray. We don’t have the power to endure and overcome the painful tragedies that come our way. Instead, we recognize that we need help. We cry out to God as our God.

It is only in this interaction do we draw near to Him recognizing our need for Him. Then we see that His love for us has moved Him to stoop down to lift us up to higher ground. We choose to trust His strong hands. We open our ears to His wisdom and move according to His Word. Those who humble themselves are led by the Spirit. And He will lift them up.

Prayer: Lord, may I be reminded that pride is my natural state. Help me each day, in my own mind, to remember that I am not any sort of god, but desperately need You as my God. Amen.

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