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God's Answer to Confusion

God’s Answer to Confusion

I was listening to yet another coronavirus report on the news last night.  A medical doctor was speaking of the potential mental health issues that could arise pointing out the 10% increase in suicide during the 2008 economic turmoil.  We must pray and ask the Lord for help. But one thing the doctor said caught my attention. She said, “Humans are not designed to function well in the unknown.”  Her point was that right now there is so much that is unknown that it is creating anxiety, stress, depression, suicide, and volatility including domestic abuse. And that brings me to our Verse of the Day:


1 Corinthians 14:33

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace (NIV)


I love this Scripture.  God is not a God of disorder.  Another version translates it by saying God is not the God of confusion.  We are all confused. We don’t know what to do or what not to do. Do we go to the grocery store for food?  Do we order online? The first means I am exposed. The second means Amazon drivers continue to be exposed. What do we do?  We are in a deep vat of confusion right now and no one really knows how to deal with everything.

God’s answer to the confusion is not exactly what we want, however.  We desire knowledge and understanding. We want to know what is going to happen.  We want to know what to do. We want to know how long it is going to last and when we can get back to normal.  

Our confusion is not limited to the coronavirus.  Ever been a confused parent wondering what in the world to do?  How about a confused spouse? I received an email from a confused employee the other day.  Sheesh! Frustration and confusion seem to be a way of life. We want control. We want to make sure everything is as we think it should be.  When we pray, we ask for wisdom. And God does give wisdom abundantly, but wisdom doesn’t alleviate confusion. Even the wisest make decisions they question because they don’t know for certain.  No, God’s answer to the confusion is not knowledge, understanding, or even wisdom. It’s peace.

We have peace knowing that if our heart truly desires to please the Lord, and we are operating within the principles of Scripture, God will bring success to us (Matthew 6:33, Joshua 1:7-8).  There is peace knowing we don’t have to make the perfect decision. There is peace knowing God will work all things together for our good (Romans 8:28). This is peace. The pressure is off. I need only to seek the Lord and His Word and He brings it all together.  

Are you confused today? Stressed?  Overwhelmed? Not sure what to do? Let me encourage you to sit down, focus your mind on the Prince of Peace.  Pray and ask for His peace. Tell Him you receive it. When fears, stress, and confusion set in, acknowledge they are there, but then remind yourself that God has your back.  He will keep you. He will sustain you. He will bring you through. He is not the God of confusion, but He is the God of peace!

Leave a comment and write down your prayer to receive God’s peace in your storm of confusion.

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