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With All Your Heart teaches you how to trust God more.  The difference in trusting God with all your heart is the desert compared to the promised land.

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End the Negative Cycles
The same arguments.
The same addictions.
The same failures.
The same problems.
The same frustration.

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With All Your Heart ebook

With All Your Heart takes readers through Biblical principles that are simply life-changing. It is taking the Scripture and applying it at a level that changes your future. So many of us go through the same negative patterns. It may be different people, different places, different things, but it’s the same pattern. It’s like going round and round in the desert like the Israelites did. But God has promised to give us a straight path to our blessings rather than staying in the negative patterns. If you are sick and tired of going round and round and you want a straight path to your blessing, you need this book.

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God’s people wandered around in a desert for 40 years before they finally received their blessing. 40 years!!! How long have you been wandering in circles with the same old issues? You know that what you are doing isn’t working, but you don’t really know how to change. You are stuck in a rut and can’t get out.

With All Your Heart uncovers Biblical principles necessary to move into your Promised Blessings. God has promised you blessings! He has promised a love that never fails, a peace that is so incredible that it doesn’t even make sense to people, strength to prosper through EVERY hardship, joy that reflects supernatural goodness in your life. This is what God wants to do in your life The key is learning how to trust God more.

God has such a wonderful plan for your life, but when trust in God breaks down, even in the slightest way, bad decisions are made and negative cycles continue.  We have the same arguments, the same fights, the same fears, the insecurities. It may be different people, different situations, but it is the same destructive cycle.

So, what does it look like to trust the Lord with all of our heart and how do you get to that place?  “With All Your Heart” will walk you through Biblical principles allowing you to discover where your trust falters and how to increase it.  As your trust increases, your behavior changes, then you will move into the “Promised Land” of God’s goodness.  

And God said, “Because You Did Not Trust Me Enough…”

This has to be one of the most amazing statements from the Lord in Scripture not because He said it, but because of who He said it to. If you don’t know the story, you might think God said this to some rebellious their, promiscuous woman, or a religious hypocrite. Would it surprise you to know that God said this to Moses? I don’t mean the young murderous Moses. I am talking about after the burning bush, the faithful servant and miracle-worker Moses. Each time God did a great miracle through Moses, He asked Moses to do something. God told Moses to raise his staff and the waters parted. He told Moses to strike the rock and a river came forth out of it. Moses trusted God…until He didn’t. And when Moses’ faith failed, he missed out on a great blessing.

Sure, Moses still went to Heaven. But after working tirelessly for decades to bring His people into the Promised Land of God, you know he wanted to see the mission through. But when he didn’t trust God enough, he lost that privilege and missed out on that very blessed moment.

What blessings are you missing because you don’t trust God enough?

Trust is not easy especially when you have been betrayed and hurt. Trusting God is not easy especially when He has allowed painful things to happen. “With All your Heart” will teach you how to trust God again or maybe for the first time. Trust is the key to end the negative cycles, stop wandering around in the same wasteland of life and finally move into a place of abundant blessings.

Trust the Lord with All Your Heart and Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

We quote this Scripture all the time, but is our heart in it? The human heart can be so fickle. Every Christian would say they trust God, but each sin comes from a breakdown in trust. Jesus said He is THE WAY. To follow Him, we have to trust that His ways will lead to the life He promised. The Bible says there is a way that seems right to us but it only leads to destruction. The crisis moments in our life provide two different paths. One way seems right but the other is right. When you learn to trust Him With All of Your Heart, then you receive His promise of a straight path to blessing, finally ending the wasteland wandering.

God’s wisdom is hidden and we must seek after it . With All Your Heart will teach you how to seek and to find the hidden wisdom of God that will change your life.




Pastor Lee Spiritual Direction

My prayer is that this book would help you understand what it means to trust with all your heart and inspire you to trust more that you might receive the full measure of God's goodness.

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"LIve blessed and be a blessing" - pastor Lee

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